Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Watchtower Comments (Comments You Won't Hear at the Watchtower Study)

Every week, Jehovah's Witnesses from around the world study the same information in the Watchtower magazine. It's a mind numbing exercise (following a long Bible discourse, now mercifully shortened to thirty minutes) that involves reading a paragraph from the study, asking questions, and then answering them from the same paragraph. Sometimes, out of context scriptures are also read. It is an important part of their indoctrination process and is often the medium they use to announce their frequent changes in doctrine.

Recently, Jehovah's Witnesses have split their Watchtower magazine into a public and private edition. In theory, you have to attend their Kingdom Halls to receive the members only edition. There has been a lot of speculation that the new private edition will contain stronger, more mind controlling language to tighten the control on their members. So far, the scanned copies floating around the Internet seem to support this.

I have family in that cult and am very concerned about these ominous changes. They already enforce ritualised shunning of former members. They also require allegiance to a suicidal blood policy. What are their plans for the future?

Of course, Jehovah's Witnesses are sadly mistaken if they believe they can shield their private Watchtower from outside scrutiny. One example is an excellent new video series called Watchtower Comments. It analyses the Watchtower lesson for each week, pointing out inaccuracies, logical fallacies and efforts at mind control. Here is the introductory video.

Watchtower Comments (Introduction)

I will be posting this series on my video blog, as the videos become available. Please click on this label link to see the videos posted so far.


DannyHaszard said...

Jehovah's Witnesses have largest turnover of recruits,have one of the highest attrition rates of all denominations.

Reports from TIME Magazine-""An even more extreme example of what might be called "masked churn" is the relatively tiny Jehovah's Witnesses, with a turnover rate of about two-thirds.

That means that two-thirds of the people who told Pew they were raised Jehovah's Witnesses no longer are — yet the group attracts roughly the same number of converts. Notes Lugo, "No wonder they have to keep on knocking on doors

Half of all the Watchtower related news now on Jehovah's Witnesses is either obituaries or Kingdom Hall construction.

The old folks who gave everything to the WBTS are dying off left and right cause no new system ever came
The Watchtower keeps on wheeling & dealing big money real estate
80% of all the young people are leaving the JW's
Danny Haszard born 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness,'I was in the cult and now i'm out'...

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